Preparing and collecting data

Locating and collating the documentation required for each publication can seem lengthy or cumbersome at times; the processes outlined below will help streamline your workflow.

Locating documentation

Using online databases

You can use online databases to find claimable HERDC publications. This can save you a lot of time identifying publications from your department, and the direct links to the articles speed up the collection process.

If you are unable to find documentation for a publication, assistance is available from the library using the inter-library loan facility (PDF).

Maintain documentation in PDF

Documentation is best preserved and maintained in PDF format.

Not sure how to do this?
Step-by-step guide to creating PDFs.

Collecting documentation

You will often need to source additional documentation, as well as the publication itself, in order to provide all information required to demonstrate necessary HERDC criteria.

Conference proceedings in particular often involve a more complex route to finding all the information needed. Use these guides to help streamline the process:

Contacting publishers

Sometimes the information needed is not readily available and direct correspondence with the publishing body may be necessary. As the HERDC criteria are very specific, please use these templates in order to make sure you obtain all the information required for HERDC compliance.

Author affiliation

When author affiliation needs to be clarified, use these forms: