Conference publication – full paper refereed (E1)

An E1 conference publication is a paper published in full which has been peer reviewed and presented at a conference, workshop or seminar of national or international significance.


In order to be included as an E1, the conference publication must meet the definitions of research and all of the following:

  • be published in full in any of the following formats; a volume of proceedings, a special edition of a journal, a normal issue of a journal, a book or a monograph, CD Rom or conference/organisation website
  • the full paper must be peer reviewed
  • be presented at a conference, workshop or seminar of national or international significance
  • have at least one author affiliated with the University of Sydney
  • a conference paper can be counted once only, even if published in more than one format, e.g. if a conference paper is later published in a special issue of a journal, it can not be claimed in this journal if it was first published in a separate proceedings

Keynote addresses may be included where all other papers for the conference are peer reviewed, and evidence is provided both of the keynote status of the address (eg. contents page) and of the other contributions to the conference being peer reviewed.


The types of conference publications that are unlikely to meet the criteria include:

  • papers that appear only in a volume handed out to conference participants
  • conferences where only an abstract was published, not a full paper

Conference papers published in books that meet all the criteria for category B1, as well as E1, or in journals that meet all the criteria for category C1, as well as E1, may be counted in either category but not both.

Verification requirements

To be included in the HERDC collection, you need to supply PDF documentation of the following details for each entry:

  • title page (from the published Proceedings)
  • bibliographic details - ISBN or ISSN, Publisher, all dates referring to copyright, publication and printing (from the published Proceedings)
  • table of contents (from the published Proceedings)
  • all introduction material - Preface, foreword and welcome messages (from the published Proceedings when available otherwise can supplement with information from the conference website when no introduction material is available in the publication)
  • a copy of the full article, as published, i.e. not an author’s copy (from the published Proceedings)
  • proof of peer review
  • proof of the National or International significance of the conference
  • evidence of the author's affiliation to University of Sydney
  • conference program, showing the dates and times each paper was presented