Faculty research support

Division/Faculty/School/Department Name
DVC Education
Institute of Teaching and Learning Susan Robinson
Agriculture and Environment
Plant and Food Sciences Frances Manovski
Plant Breeding Institute Kate Rudd
Environmental Science Keith Maynard
Architecture, Design and Planning Jennifer Ryan
Arts and Social Sciences
Economics Vanessa Holcombe
Bart Ahluwalia
Languages and Cultures (SLC)

Drasko Mitrikeski
Rosemary Go
Lei Gong

Letters, Arts and Media (SLAM) Sarah Taylor
Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI)

Nikki Whipps

Social and Political Sciences (SSPS) & US Studies Centre Emma Lees
Jane Hardy
Business School Jason White
Patrick Kelly
Education and Social Work Jane Harvey
Camilla Pilgrim
Engineering and Information Technologies Kathy Homan
Aerospace Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

Bronwyn Sexton

Centre for Field Robotics

Ruth Olip
Dannielle Williams

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Alexandra Missiris
Annette Karydis
Agnes Constanti

Civil Engineering Susanne Farrar
Daniela Entenmann
Electrical and Information Engineering Ping Zhang
Rita Wong
Philip Leong
Information Technologies

Shari Lee
Evelyn Riegler

Health Sciences Julie Cameron
Ageing, Work & Health Research Unit Sylvia Lohrengel
Australian Stuttering Research Centre Jasmine Katakos
Clinical & Rehabilitation Sciences Annie Soo
Disability and Community Marisa Buskariol
Exercise, Health & Performance Lyndall Burke
Health Systems and Global Populations Daniel Johnston
Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences Katherine Smith
Law law.research@sydney.edu.au
Jenni Sheldon
Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy (Division)  
Office of Research and Research Training

Christine Anderson

Genaya Misso

Dentistry Tracey Bowerman
Nursing Evin Donohoe
Pharmacy Miranda Hanke
Biological Sciences Debbie Castle
Aida Yalcin
Shawn Wang
Chemistry Jody Cutler
Anne Woods

Nikki Montenegro
Monish Sharma

History and Philosophy of Science Chloe Collins
Mathematics and Statistics Sonia Morr
Molecular Bioscience Clare Woodley
Physics Diana Sun
Psychology Sadhana Raju
Celine van Golde
Sydney College of the Arts Ingrid Mills
Sydney Conservatorium of Music Joseph Toltz
United States Study Centre

Cindy Tang

Veterinary Science Marie Wildridge
Kim Heasman