Criteria for inclusion in HERDC

For publications to be included in the HERDC collection they must:

  • Meet the definition of research
  • Only be counted once by each Higher Education Provider (HEP) e.g. if a conference paper is published in conference proceedings and is subsequently included as a journal article, it can be counted as an article or as a conference paper but not both


Possess the characteristics of a research publication

  • scholarly activity, as evidenced by discussion of the relevant literature, an awareness of the history and antecedents of work described, and a format which allows a reader to trace sources of the work through citations, footnotes etc;
  • originality, that is, it is not a compilation of existing works;
  • veracity/validity through a peer review processes or commercial publisher process;
  • increasing the stock of knowledge; and
  • being in a form that enables dissemination of knowledge

Other critieria

As well as the above criteria there are other general criteria that must be met. This includes: