How are publications submitted?

Each department or Faculty has an administrator that is responsible for collecting publication data.

Publications are submitted through IRMA - the Integrated Research Management Application.

The publications are worked through over the course of the year by the Research Portfolio to verify that the HERDC criteria is met.

Stages in the process of completing a HERDC publication

  1. Publications are entered onto IRMA.
  2. Records are checked to make sure all documents and information required is attached to the record.
  3. Assessors confirm the publication meets the definition of research.
  4. All HERDC criteria is confirmed as being met, records are accepted and points are calculated.
  5. If a record is not accepted, the author or faculty can contest the decision with the contesting committee.

The explanation of the statuses that are used in IRMA details how records are processed.

When to submit

  • All researchers - staff, students, honoraries and visiting academics – are encouraged to submit their publications as early as possible.
  • Enter publications into IRMA as you collect them. If this is left to the last minute, entries may not be able to be processed and this compromises the collection, and therefore funding.