Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC)

Why do we collect this data?

The University collects all research publications published by staff, students, and honorary associates. This data is reported on an annual basis as required by the Department of Education. The collation of accurate data is important because:

  • The HERDC collection is a key contributor towards University funding.
  • The Department of Education uses the data to calculate performance based funding allocations.
  • It helps to maintain up to date data for staff and Faculty bibliographies

Universities are subject to audit to ensure submitted data meets the HERDC specifications.

The information from this data is used to calculate how much money the HERDC returns to the University as research funding.

What information is reported?

All eligible research publications in the following categories are collected:

In order to be eligible, each publication needs to meet specific criteria as outlined each year by the HERDC.

Research income data

Research income data is also collected. This is coordinated by Corporate Finance.

How are publications submitted?

Publications are submitted through IRMA. Each department or Faculty has an administrator that is responsible for collecting publication data and documentation as well as for entering that data and attaching that documenation into IRMA.

More about the submission process.

Submissions are made over the course of the year as is work to verify that the HERDC criteria is met.


Final Data Reports

Shortly after the final HERDC report is submitted to Department of Education, the Research Portfolio generates reports for each Faculty, School or department with a list of all their HERDC accepted publications.

Publication Reports

Instructions on how to run a citation report for individual authors is available here. (PDF)