Journal article – refereed, scholarly journal (C1)

A C1 journal article is a substantial work of scholarship published in a scholarly journal following a formal process of peer review.


In order to be included as a C1, the journal article must meet the definitions of research and all of the following:

  • be published in a scholarly journal
  • have been peer reviewed in full
  • have an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)
  • have at least one author affiliated with the University of Sydney

The types of journal articles that may meet the criteria include:

  • commentaries and communications of original research
  • research notes
  • letters to journals, provided that the letter satisfies the definition of research and the requirements for journal articles in this section
  • critical scholarly texts which appear in article form
  • articles reviewing multiple works or an entire field of research
  • invited papers in journals
  • articles in journals which are targeted to both scholars and professionals
  • articles in a stand alone series


The types of journal articles that do not meet the criteria include:

  • letters to the Editor
  • case studies
  • articles designed to inform practitioners on existing knowledge in a professional field
  • articles in newspapers and popular magazines
  • editorials
  • book reviews
  • brief commentaries and communications of original research
  • reviews of art exhibitions, concerts, theatre productions

Verification requirements

To be included in the HERDC collection, you must supply PDF documentation of the following details for each entry:

  • a copy of the full published article
  • proof the full paper was peer reviewed
  • bibliographic details - journal name, volume/issue and dates referring to publication and copyright (if not on the article itself, we would need copies of the front of the journal with that information and a contents page)
  • evidence of the author's affiliation to the University of Sydney (some journals have Contributor pages with that information)

Foreign language publications

  • require all the same verification material mentioned above plus
  • translation of the citation information (title of article, title of journal, volume, issue and year of publication)
  • translation of a couple paragraphs from the article that shows the research content