Status of submissions

What the status of your submission means:

New – the record has been entered onto IRMA and is waiting for all documents/information

Verification required – the record has all information and documentation required and is ready to be checked by the Research Portfolio

Incomplete – the Research Portfolio has checked the record and has requested further information or documents in order to complete the verification process

Additional docs supplied – requested verification documents or information have been added and the record is ready for the Research Portfolio to complete the verification process

Verified – the record has been checked by the Research Portfolio - all biblio information entered is correct and all documents required are attached

Assessed – an assessor has confirmed that the publication meets the definition of research as defined by HERDC specifications

Complete – the record has been assessed, and all HERDC criteria have been confirmed by the Research Portfolio. This record requires no further processing, and is shown as ‘green’ in IRMA

Library - if you are having trouble getting the required documentation from the author or from a normal inter-library loan, you can request assistance from Michele Parker in the library. She is our direct contact and she might be able to track down the documentation. This status indicates that you have requested assistance from Michele in the library

Library pending - this status indicates that Michele has actioned the request for assistance and hopefully the documentation will come in time for the collection. This does not guarantee that documentation will come. The best source of documentation is still the author.

Assessed – info required - an assessor has indicated that the publication does not appear to meet the HERDC definition of research and assistance will be needed to show how it does meet the criteria. Letter will go out in May to request assistance from the author.

Assessed – Research content info requested – the research portfolio team has requested assistance from the author/local administrator to help show how the publication meets the HERDC definition of research

Assessment pending - the publication is in the process of being assessed

Ineligible – the record has at least one key element that does not meet the HERDC criteria and we are unable to claim

Contested - the publication has been assessed as not meeting the HERDC research criteria - the author(s) are contesting this decision by providing a statment in support for its inclusion, and this record will go to the contesting committee

Forthcoming – used for publications that are 'in press' and we are waiting for the published documents so we can claim the record

Other – this status is used for all records that are non-HERDC publications