Information for research students

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Getting started

Postgraduate Welcome and Orientation
Run by the Graduate Studies Office each year. Your Faculty may also run an Induction program.

International Student Advisers
International Student Advisers provide support to international students on issues related to student visas, scholarship and general academic progression.

Postgraduate Studies Handbook
Your essential guide to procedures, policies and faculty rules and regulations. Your roles and responsibilities for supervision are laid out in the Postgraduate Studies Handbook.

Learning Centre
Runs workshops aimed at students in the preliminary stages of independent research.

Learning Solutions
Support programs for researchers in career planning, networking and the development of research capacities.

Studies support

All work involving the use of animals or human participants must have ethics approval.

Intellectual property
This guide will help you understand the rules of IP.

Understand your rights and obligations relating to copyright law.

Faculty liaison librarians
Subject specialists who can help you benefit from the full range of Library services and assist you with your research.

Library skills training
Includes writing, citing and referencing.

The application of advanced information and communications technologies to the practice of research. The most relevant technologies include data storage, management and sharing; on-line collaborative tools; and high-performance computing.

Learning Centre
Offers courses to assist you with your thesis, writing a literature review and writing up your research. The Learning Centre also offers online support to help develop your critical thinking and academic writing skills.

Koori Centre
Programs, services and facilities to encourage and support the involvement of Indigenous Australians in all aspects of tertiary education.

Yooroang Garang
Support for Indigenous students on the Cumberland Campus.

Graduate Studies Committee
Advises the Academic Board about resolutions, policy and procedures relating to postgraduate study.

Financial support

Grants and other research funding
The Research Portfolio helps you locate grants. Subscribe to the Research News + opportunities and sign up for Research Professional

Postgraduate research scholarships
Administered by the Scholarships Office. Subscribe to their email bulletin to be advised of scholarships as they open for applications

Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS)
Funds are allocated to Schools or Departments to provide support for currently enrolled postgraduate research students.

Careers Centre
Can assist you in finding course related work while you are studying.

Financial Assistance Office
Offers bursaries and loans to students in financial hardship.

Personal support

Health and welfare services
Available to students on campus.

Counselling Services
Aims to help you fulfil your academic, individual and social goals.

Student organisations:

The future

Sydney careers
Find a job at the University of Sydney.

Career advice
Get career advice from the Careers Centre, attend a postgraduate career workshop and get help with resumes, interviews and marketing your skills.