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Professor Joel Mackay

Professor Joel Mackay is a specialist researcher in the field of protein structure, function, design and engineering. Prof. Mackay was awarded his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1994 and…

University Recordkeeping Manual Staff Records - 9 April 2008

HR Relationship Manager (currently Antoinette Holt) and HR Relationship Co-ordinator (currently Kate Hadfield) Head of HR Service Centre (currently Terri Bevan) HR Service Centre Manager (currently Tracy Martin) and HR

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Associate Professor Weidong Cai

Associate Professor Weidong Cai. PhD. School of of Information Technologies. Director of Multimedia Lab. Associate Director of BMIT Research Group. J12 - The School of Information Technologies. The…

Professor Linda Barwick

I am a musicologist, specialising in the study of Australian Indigenous and immigrant musics and in the digital humanities (particularly archiving and repatriation of ethnographic field recordings as …

STUDENT EDITORIAL COMMITTEE Anna Bachmann Julia Carland Jessie Connell Joe Edwards Ruth Greenwood Penelope Grist Elizabeth McDermott Daniel Natale Kate Peterson Jack Schmidtke James Uden Lotta Ziegert Jade Yap.


ISS Alumni - Master List First names Last Name Maiden name School ISS Country. cohort ISS Year. Brian David Aarons Fairfield Boys' High School Australia 1962 Richard Daniel Aldous Narwee Boys' High School Australia 1962 Alison Alexander Albury High Sex First Name Surname Blue Sport Year M ...

F Kate Jackson Athletics 1995. M Robert Jackson Lawn Tennis 1995. ... M Paul Hadfield Gymnastics 1999. M Kent Haigh Hockey 1999. M Andrew Hickey Football (Union) 1999.

Inspired Giving 2015 Donor honour roll In recognition of ...

Andrew Dutton Brian Dwyer Jacqueline Dwyer Janine Dwyer Jeanine Dwyer Neil Dwyer Robert Dyer Anthony Dynon Robert Dyson Marian Dzurik Stephen Eastaway Meridene Easton David Eastwood Elizabeth Eccles Kate Eccles Susan ... Russell Jacka Alan Jackson