Audio Visual Loans Counter

The AV Loans Counter has a wide range AV and Media related equipment available to staff, and all enrolled students at SCA, for teaching, learning, coursework & research. AV equipment includes vintage & modern analogue & digital cameras, stills cameras, video cameras, 4K cameras, DSLRs, audio equipment and much more.

Equipment requests & access are subject to relevant proficiency tests to demonstrate the correct use of the equipment, or the completion of a workshop program that is carried out as part of each subject.

AV Counter

Terms and conditions

Equipment loaned from the AV Store is the responsibility of the user once it has left the AV Store. Any costs related to loss, damage or theft are to be covered by the user under whose name the booking was made.

Equipment from the AV Store is a support resource for students, and at times your booking request may not be able to be met. Students are to source equipment from other providers in instances where the AV Store cannot fulfil an equipment booking request, either due to equipment availability, maintenance and repair, or dates requested.

There is no borrowing over the End of Year break.

Penalties apply for late returns at a rate of $10 for every day past the return date. In addition to this blocks on further equipment borrowing can be applied. In severe cases students will not be able to graduate until they have returned all equipment, and completed payment of all late fees subject to approval.

Equipment Bookings

To book equipment please download the AV Store Brochure. Next, pay the online deposit, and select equipment from the list by Kit Name or Item (as outlined in the AV Store Brochure).

Email your request, along with the dates required to: .

Borrowing periods are Friday to Monday, or Tuesday to Thursday. Longer or alternative loan periods are available only by request & subject to approval

Equipment Deposits

Any enrolled student at SCA wishing to borrow equipment must pay a compulsory deposit of $220. Upon completion of borrowing and return of all equipment, you can request a refund, of which $200 is refunded, and $20 is kept as an admin & maintenance fee

Equipment Deposits can be made online here.

Deposit refunds

Upon completion of borrowing and return of all equipment subject to approval, you can request a refund by completing the form here and emailing it to Students are advised to keep their bank details up to date in Sydney Student.

Equipment Deposit Refund Form

*Refund processing can take up to 4 weeks.