Print Lab

The Print Lab produces Archival Pigment Museum Grade prints of many sizes, and in many materials. The wide format machines used are based on leading edge technology and software, including the Roland 12 colour printer.

Come and talk to the helpful and friendly staff at the Print Lab to arrange an appointment.

2017-2018 price list - updated on 9 October 2017

File Requirements

For Photoshop Experts

Tifs/Jpegs - No Layers - 8-bit - Adobe RGB - USB or Email

For Photoshop Beginners

  1. Flatten your image by going to Layer > Flatten Image
  2. For Colour: Go to Edit > Convert To Profile > Adobe RGB (1998)
  3. For Black & White: Go to Image > Mode > Greyscale > Discard Color
  4. Go to Image > Mode > 8-bits
  5. Go to File > Save as TIFF (select LZW compression).
  6. For email orders save files are high quality jpegs.
  7. Put files in ONE folder on a portable USB stick or send over email.

Online Orders for Test Prints

Save time and email your test prints first, save them as high quality jpegs and email to and specify the type of paper you want, the test size, and when you need them ready by.

10 x 7cm test prints $1.5
15 x 10cm test prints $2.5
50 x 5cm strip tests $4.5
Retouching per 5 mins $10
Wearable Print Carry Tubes $20

Print specials are available in-store