About SCA

Leading the research and practice of contemporary art in Australia since 1976, SCA delivers innovative educational programs that support the professional success of graduates. A faculty of the University of Sydney, SCA continues the tradition of academic excellence associated with Australia’s most established educational institution.

We are the University of Sydney’s school of contemporary art.

We respond creatively to the major issues driving contemporary society.

We teach people how to become leading artists, curators and writers active in national and international visual culture.

We value intelligence, innovation, creative thinking, research and problem-solving.

Our work, our openness and our philosophy reflect our view that art is a wide-ranging concept that allows many viewpoints, approaches and backgrounds.

As a community of students, staff and graduates, we generously engage with the world beyond our campus through collegiality, exhibitions and collaborations.

We draw and build on the heritage of academic rigour and research intensity of the University of Sydney to provide an enriched learning experience for our undergraduate, postgraduate and research students. Through this heritage, they become the skilled, resourceful and visionary makers and interpreters of contemporary art.

SCA’s campus is located in the historic Kirkbride buildings in Rozelle, and overlooks Sydney harbour. SCA provides free student and visitor parking on campus and is easily accessible by public transport.

The educational programs are studio-based and facilities include computer and multimedia laboratories, print, clay, glass, wood and metal workshops, film/video & sound production and editing facilities, SCA Gallery, SCA library and several student exhibition spaces.