Roads to Nowhere

An exhibition by Adam Sébire at the Rocks Pop-Up

Adam Sebire

Roads to Nowhere, an exhibition of photographic stills and video art shot by Sydney College of the Arts Master of Fine Arts candidate, Adam Sébire, in and around Dubai in the wake of the global financial crisis, will premiere as part of The Rocks Pop-Up from Wednesday 2 May to Monday 11 June 2012.

Part of the Head On Photo Festival 2012, the exhibition is the first in a series that will be curated by Master of Interactive and Digital Media Coordinator, Ryszard Dabek, on behalf of SCA, in collaboration with The Rocks Pop-Up, an initiative of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. The Rocks Pop-Up utilises temporarily vacant spaces to host creative practitioners, exhibitions and performances.

Sébire is a photographer and filmmaker with a number of documentary credits to his name. He is now using multi-screen documentary to explore climate change-driven by sea level rise, through his Master of Fine Arts at SCA. The exhibition, Roads to Nowhere, showcases deserted, fully-signposted multi-lane highways that cut swathes through the sand, only to end equally precipitously in the middle of nowhere; monuments to excess and the money that ran out.

Roads to Nowhere will be open for extended viewing hours, during the evenings of Vivid Sydney, from Friday 25 May to Monday 11 June. Video footage from Roads to Nowhere will be projected onto windows of the pop-up venue during Vivid Sydney, encouraging visitors to step inside and immerse themselves in Sébire's work.

When: Wednesday 2 May to Monday 11 June
Where: The Rocks Pop-Up, 47 George Street (side entrance), The Rocks, Sydney
Exhibition Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 12 to 8pm
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