Staff as leading artists in new SCA exhibition

Outerspace by Julie Rrap, 2010.

13 May 2014

Several prominent Australian contemporary artists on staff at Sydney College of the Arts will feature in a new exhibition at the University of Sydney’s Rozelle campus. Internationally renowned Lindy Lee, Mikala Dwyer and Julie Rrap are among the ten artists in From A Near Future showing at SCA from this Thursday 15 May until 6 June.

The curator of the exhibition Nicholas Tsoutas said it is the first time many of these teaching staff have exhibited at SCA. “Several of these artists are leading figures in contemporary art, show regularly in our top public and commercial galleries, and have works in collections around the world. But rarely have they been brought together in an exhibition at SCA. This is a great opportunity to show their more recent works, which extend notions of contemporary art and are actively shaping the next generation of young artists coming up through SCA”.

Renowned for her playful approach to sculpture and performance, and her innovative use of materials, Mikala Dwyer is exhibiting her controversial project Goldene Bend’er/ (2013). The work features six dancers wearing gold costumes and headpieces made by the artist, and explores the body in states of transition and transformation. Dwyer evokes a world full of uncertainties and contradictions, and challenges viewers to find their own meanings.

Julie Rrap’s award-winning OuterSpace (2010) comprises of images of a human figure in a state of suspension. The artist created a pliable, web-like installation using black and white elastic strips and then photographed herself crawling, falling, and flying through the structure. She further fractured the images by projecting them through a recreation of the elastic structure in the gallery space. The effect is dislocating, suggesting a body that is ‘out of place’.

Lindy Lee, another leading Australian artist of international standing, will show her 2012 series of abstract, stainless steel panels, One Billion Worlds. The works draw on the artist’s Chinese roots and the philosophies of Taoism and Buddhism, creating a galaxy of images that act as meditations on nature and life.

Matthys Gerber will exhibit three paintings characteristic of his chameleon-like, eclectic and geometric style, works that lure the viewer through a myriad of hypnotic spaces.
Jan Guy will exhibit three new sculptures that explore the relationship between the animal, the human and the institutional, bringing ceramic objects together with materials such wax, gold leaf, and birdseed, but also exposing them to random encounters with the environment, including with local birds.

Joyce Hinterding and David Haines regularly collaborate on large-scale immersive and sensory works. On show is their latest project Alien Metaphysics, a two-channel video installation that contrasts images of energy waves in the landscape with a mockumentary about ‘cloud-busting’. The artists’ recreation of a cloud-busting machine, based on actual historical plans, grounds the video in a material way.

In A Questionable Act, Nicholas Tsoutas has videoed Tom Loveday musing on the questions they were never asked during their many years of lecturing about art.

Best known as a writer, SCA Dean Colin Rhodes maintains an art practice that he occasionally reveals. Intuiting is a new series of works made from recycled bottles, containers, bottle tops and found organic matter. The objects reflect the artist’s idea of his environment as ‘a kind of battery, storing and emitting energies’, both marred and invigorated by the city’s synthetic and organic waste.

Commenting on the exhibition’s title, [[i||From A Near Future], Tsoutas said, “There is something immanent about this exhibition: it is art that speaks very much of today, but that also appears to have landed here from a world of tomorrow – from a different, incandescent future.”

Event Details

What: From A Near Future
When: 15 May to 6 June 2014
Where: Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney Rozelle Campus, Kirkbride Way, Lilyfield
Hours: Monday to Friday, 11am to 5pm

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