student profile: Mr Simon Bare


Thesis work

Thesis title: We are like the Dreamer, who Dreams and then lives inside the Dream: Examining and defining sense making within a mode of practice that resists, invites, and confounds categorisation.

Supervisors: Stefan POPESCU , Bruce ISAACS

Thesis abstract:

This thesis will navigate and examine a confounding mode of creative expression, and my response to it via my moving image and creative practice, through my critical and theoretical examination of this mode. This practice, found in the works of David Lynch, and in particular in Twin Peaks, this thesis contends, operates in fragmented and dreamlike space that appears to disrupt one’s relationship to the world, while seeking to reveal that same world, and one’s experience of it at the same time. How we experience the past, present and future in our everyday lives and how we project, reconstruct and remould these encounters, framed by subjective and objective experience and confusion, and seek to delineate and compartmentalise these encounters–and fail to do so–in order to locate ourselves in a cohesive space lies at the heart of what this thesis is about.

Through my practice I will explore these relationships and attempt to unravel, disrupt and contradict associations, both autobiographical, biographical and broader, seemingly contained within the materials and media I work with, in an attempt to position them within, or at least in relation to this mode of practice. While doing so I will also attempt to get at the various ways this mode can be approached and identified in the practice of the artists and moving image creators I examine.

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