Image: Ben Quilty, Fairy Bower Rorschach 2012, oil on linen, 240 x 550 cm, 8 panels
Collection: The Art Gallery of New South Wales.

SCA graduates have demonstrated exceptional artistic talent across diverse fields nationally and internationally and have experienced highly successful careers in the visual arts, screen arts, design, education, arts administration and publishing.

SCA has produced prominent artists and leading creative professionals over five decades:

1976 to 1979

  • Robyn Backen, Diploma of Arts (1979)
  • Jane Campion, Diploma of Arts (1979)
  • Igor Nay, Diploma of Arts (1978)
  • Dr Eugenia Raskopoulos, Diploma of Arts (1979)
  • John Young, Diploma of Arts (1979)

1980 to 1989

  • Debra Dawes, Graduate Diploma (1986)
  • Mikala Dwyer, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1983)
  • Anne Ferran, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1985)
  • Fiona Foley, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1986)
  • Anne Flanagan, Diploma of Arts (1980)
  • Lindy Lee, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1982)
  • Marc Newson, CBE, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1984)
  • Nike Savvas, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1989)
  • Avril Quaill, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1985)
  • Anne Zahalka, Postgraduate Diploma (1989)

1990 to 1999

  • Julie Fragar, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1998)
  • Shaun Gladwell, Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) (1986)
  • David Griggs, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1999)
  • Rosemary Laing, Postgraduate Diploma (1991)
  • Fiona Lowry, Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) (1988)
  • TV Moore, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1999)
  • Jacky Redgate, Master of Visual Art (1998)
  • Tim Silver, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1997)
  • Gemma Smith, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1999)
  • Ben Quilty, Bachelor of Visual Arts in (1994)

2000 to 2009

  • Lauren Brincat, Bachelor of Visual Arts (2003), Master of Visual Arts (2006)
  • Cherry Hood, Master of Visual Arts (2000)
  • Jess MacNeil, Master of Visual Arts (2004)
  • Will French, Master of Visual Arts (2005)
  • Nell, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1995), Master of Visual Arts (2006)
  • Gail Hastings, Doctor of Philosophy (2009)
  • Giles Ryder, Master of Visual Arts (2005)
  • Bronwyn Bancroft, Master of Visual Arts (2006)
  • Justene Williams, Master Visual Arts (2007)
  • Nicholas Folland, Master of Visual Art (2009)

2010 to 2014

  • Vicky Browne, Bachelor of Visual Arts (2001), Master of Fine Art (2011)
  • Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Doctor of Philosophy (2013)
  • Agatha Gothe-Snape, Master of Visual Arts (2011)
  • David Haines, Doctor of Philosophy (2013)
  • Locust Jones, Bachelor of Visual Art (1993), Master of Visual Art
  • Helen Pynor, Bachelor of Visual Arts (1993), Doctor of Philosophy (2010)
  • Koji Ryui, Master of Visual Arts (2011)
  • Tony Schwensen, Doctor of Philosophy (2011), Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) (2006)
  • Mark Shorter, Doctor of Philosophy (2011)
  • Ken Yonetani, Doctor of Philosophy (2012)

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