AV Loans

Man holding a camera

The AV Loans Counter has a range of audio-visual (AV) equipment resources available to staff and students for learning, research and study purposes.

AV Equipment includes: SD Video Cameras, HDV Video Cameras, HD Video Cameras, 16mm Film Cameras, DSLR's, Lenses, Tripods, Steadicam, Dollies, Lighting Kits, HD Audio Recorders, DAT Audio Recorders, Shogun Microphones, Video Projectors, plus a range of audio and video accessories.

All staff and students need to undergo training and successfully complete competency tests on all equipment before it can be borrowed.

Equipment bookings

To book equipment, please fill out an Equipment Booking Form and email it to .

Equipment Deposits

Anyone wishing to borrow equipment must pay a nominal deposit which is refunded upon the safe return of the borrowed items.

Pay equipment deposit online.

Deposit refunds

To receive a refund on your equipment deposit, please fill out both of the forms below and return them to or in person at the AV Loans Counter.

Equipment Deposit Refund Form - Please fill out highlighted green fields only.

Bank Details Form - Please fill out all fields

Computer Labs

SCA offers comprehensive computing facilities to students, as well as to visual arts academics and researchers. These facilities offer tools and support for the digitisation and manipulation of imagery, specifically photographic manipulation, painting, illustration and drawing, 3D design, rendering and animation, video digitisation and manipulation, interactive presentations, and high end imaging and production of multimedia. In addition to studio-specific computer laboratories, three central computer labs and two free access labs are available to students in Building 13 and Building 24.

Workshops are held in a variety of different software applications with a technical officer available to offer trouble-shooting and technical advice.