Katherine Berger

Katherine Berger, Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) and Master of Fine Arts graduate, and Director of the Sydney Underground Film Festival. Mother Tongue, 2011.

Student Exchange

Sydney College of the Arts students have the opportunity to study at a number of leading art and design institutions around the world through our International student exchange program.

Going on exchange for a semester is a valuable and rewarding learning experience for both undergraduate and postgraduate students; providing an opportunity to broaden cultural perspective, share ideas and expertise between peers, access unique areas of specialisation and to enrich creative development and build international relationships and networks.

SCA has a broad network of partner schools offering courses in a diverse range of studio disciplines. The program is established to facilitate student exchange without the imposition of international fees. For this reason, agreement is required from both SCA and the host school. Students on exchange enroll and attend classes, or work under supervision at the nominated institution for one semester while continuing to pay local (SCA) tuition. A number of travel scholarships are also available to assist students with costs.

The exchange program is open to SCA students from their second year of study. Undergraduate students are recommended to plan for exchange in the first semester of their third year of study. Approval for exchange during the Honours year will only be granted to students who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, independent work ethic and maturity.