Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate students, enrolment requires you to select the units of study you wish to undertake. Please refer to the relevant course enrolment guides below:

First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Honours Year

Bachelor of Visual Arts

First Year

The first year comprises units of study that develop your creative work and your theoretical awareness of contemporary art practice. You learn about materials and methods appropriate for your work, and develop the technical skills required to make and document it successfully.

Semester 1 Cp Semester 2 Cp
CASF1001 Studio Foundation 12 CAST1001 Studio 1 12
CATE1001 Contemporary Art: an Introduction 6 CATE1002 The Avant-Garde 6
CADR 1003 Contemporary Drawing 1 6 CADR1004 Contemporary Drawing 2 6

Please refer to SCA Handbook for the units of study outlines.

In the first semester you complete two transdisciplinary projects in the Studio Foundation unit of study. The projects entail both academic instruction and technical workshops that give you a choice in the media you use for the execution of your end-of-semester project outcome. From second semester you can begin your specialisation by choosing two disciplinary areas in Studio 1. To assist you to move towards a decision regarding the Studio 1 discipline areas the Faculty will hold an information session introducing Studio 1 and open studio sessions starting from week 10 in semester 1. You then make one choice for the first disciplinary major and two choices for the second disciplinary major. We guarantee you the first disciplinary major choice in one of the Studio1 blocks.

Each semester you undertake two of the following projects delivered over a six-week block in the Contemporary Drawing unit of study: Life Drawing, Digital Drawing, Experimental Drawing and Animation/Time Based Drawing.

Second and Third Year

In second year you select a disciplinary major. Completion of a major is a requirement of the course. The BVA is available in six disciplinary majors:

  • painting
  • photomedia
  • screen arts
  • sculpture (including glass and ceramics)
  • printmedia and
  • jewellery and object.

You can also complete a second major in Critical Studies, which focuses on the theory and history of contemporary art.

In addition to your disciplinary major, you select and complete four units of study from the Critical Studies area.

You also complete four elective units of study chosen from a suite of SCA studio-style electives including electives that deepen your skills and knowledge of your disciplinary major; the Critical Studies suite; or units of study offered by other faculties across the university. By selecting all four electives from the Critical Studies areas you can complete a second major in Critical Studies.

Second Year
Semester 1 Cp Semester 2 Cp
Studio 2* 12 Studio 3* 12
Critical Studies** 6 Critical Studies** 6
Elective*** 6 Elective*** 6
Third Year
Semester 1 Cp Semester 2 Cp
Studio 4* 12 Studio 5* 12
Critical Studies** 6 Critical Studes** 6
Elective*** 6 Elective*** 6

*choose your disciplinary major from the Disciplinary Majors section of Table A - Undergraduate core units of study. Please note second year majors end with numbers 2 and 3; third year majors - with 4 and 5.

**choose a unit of study from the Critical Studies section of Table B - Undergraduate elective units of study.

***choose a unit of study from any section of Table B - Undergraduate elective units of study.

You can enroll full-time or part-time. Please note that the enrolment patterns above are for full-time students only. Please refer to SCA Handbook for units of study codes and outlines. Visa requirements commonly restrict international students to full time study only. If you are an international student you must select units of study totaling 24 credit points per semester.

Variation of Disciplinary Major

You may vary your disciplinary major in the Bachelor of Visual Arts provided that the co-ordinator of the major unit of study is satisfied that you have appropriate skills for study in that disciplinary major. This may be determined at an interview. Please note that limited approval is granted for variation of major in the final year of the degree.

Please email your request for variation to . Your request must be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the commencement of the semester for which the variation is to be effective and supported by a portfolio of your recent artwork.

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours)

In Honours year you may continue to work in the area of your Bachelor's study or undertake research in a different area. You can nominate to study by either studio practice and research paper or by dissertation and minor studio component.

Honours by Studio Practice and Research Paper

Semester 1 Cp Semester 2 Cp
CAST4001 Honours Studio A 16 CAST4002 Honours Studio B 16
THAP4241 Studio Seminar/Research Paper A 4 THAP4242 Research Paper B 8
THAP4251 Honours THAP 4    

Honours by Dissertation and Minor Studio Component

Semester 1 Cp Semester 2 Cp
MSTD4111 Honours Studio Project A 4 MSTD4112 Honours Studio Project B 8
THAP4231 Honours Dissertation A 16 THAP4222 Honours Dissertation B


THAP4251 Honours THAP 4    

For more information about Honours year please refer to the BVA Honours Course Guide