Academic Appeals

The University is committed to fair academic decision-making. Academic Decisions are entrusted to members of the academic staff acting reasonably in accordance with Due Academic Process. A student who believes that there are genuine grounds for contesting an Academic Decision may apply to have the decision reviewed.

Student appeals against academic decisions are governed by the University of Sydney (Student Appeals against Academic Decisions) Rule 2006.

An Academic Decision is a decision that affects the academic assessment or progress of a student within his or her award course. An appeal against an academic decision can include:

  • an appeal to review a grade
  • an appeal to review a decision not to grant Special Consideration in a unit of study
  • to exclude a student on academic grounds

Due Academic Process means the making of Academic Decisions according to published Faculty, Academic Board and University rules, resolutions, policy and procedure, as amended from time to time and as current at the time the Academic Decision was made. These documents can be found in the SCA Handbook and on the Policy Register.

There are three escalating stages to the University's academic appeals process.

Informal Appeal

If you believe there are genuine grounds for contesting an academic decision, you should first discuss your concern with the relevant teacher or unit of study coordinator. This must occur within 15 working days of you being advised of the Academic Decision.

Faculty-level Appeal

If your concerns cannot be resolved at an informal level, you may submit a written appeal, including any supporting documentation, to SCA Student Administration via email: (please make sure you sent it via your university email account), or in-person Tuesday to Friday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm, at the Student Administration Office, Room 13G18, Sydney College of the Arts.

You must submit your written appeal within 15 working days of the academic decision having been made, or within 15 working days of the finalisation of an informal appeal.

In your appeal you must be able to demonstrate how due process was not observed. Please include the relevant assessment task if appealing against a mark or grade.

Once you have submitted your written appeal, Student Administration will provide you with a written acknowledgement of having received your appeal and will advise you when, roughly, you may expect a decision, within 3 working days. SCA will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that you receive a decision within 10 working days of receiving your appeal. It may take longer than 10 days to resolve, as some appeals are more complex than others.

You will receive a written decision addressing the terms of your appeal to your university email address.

University-level Appeal

If you are not satisfied with the written decision of the Faculty, you may appeal to the Student Appeals Body (SAB) on the grounds that due academic process has not been observed by the Faculty in relation to an academic decision.

Your appeal must be lodged in writing to the registrar, via the Student Affairs Unit, within 20 working days of the date of the written decision of the relevant dean, or within such extended time as the registrar authorises.

Information about appeal process to SAB is available on the Student Affairs website.

Help and Support

SCA Student Administration staff can advise you on making an appeal.

You may also wish to first discuss your problem with a caseworker in your student organisation before lodging your appeal: