Special Considerations and Extensions

It is expected that unless an application for special consideration has been approved, students will submit an assessment for a unit of study on the due date specified. If the assessment is completed and submitted within the period of extension, no academic penalty will be applied to that piece of assessment.

Essay and Project extensions

If, during the week prior to an essay or project due date, you cannot complete your essay or project due to serious illness or misadventure, you can apply for an extension.

The application for an extension must be submitted to your lecturer before the due date of the assignment. This form is for students who require an extension of time for an assignment of up to one week (five working days). For extension requests greater than one week, please complete an Application for Special Consideration.

Extension form PDF form (84K)
Extension form DOC form (42K)

Special Consideration due to illness or misadventure

If your work during a teaching period or performance in an assessment has been affected by serious illness or misadventure, you should submit an Application for Special Consideration to the SCA Student Administration within five days of the affected assessment.

Please read the Special Consideration Regarding Assessments - Policy and Procedures carefully before submitting your application.

Applying for Special Consideration

  1. Obtain an Application for Special Consideration from the Student Administration office or on-line.
  2. For consideration due to serious illness, injury or misadventure have a registered health practitioner or counsellor complete the Professional Practitioners Certificate.
  3. For all other situations, please complete a Statutory Declaration form and attach any appropriate documentation.
  4. Lodge this form with the Student Administration office within one week from the end of the period (i.e. assignment due date or date of examination) for which consideration is sought.
  5. You must retain your receipt (at the bottom of the form) that will be given upon lodgement of this form with the Student Administration office
  6. You will be notified of the academic judgment concerning your application via your university email within ten working days after lodgement of the application.
  7. If you are granted special consideration, you will nonetheless be required to demonstrate achievement of designated learning outcomes.

Late submissions

If an extension is either not sought, not granted or is granted but work is submitted after the extended due date, the late submission of assessment will result in an academic penalty as follows:

For work submitted after the deadline but up to 15 working days late, a penalty of one per cent of the maximum mark awardable for the assignment will apply for each working day.

Work submitted more than 15 working days after the deadline will not be assessed (Absent Fail).