Details of available scholarships

Jerome de Costa and Dorothy Downes Memorial (BVA students in 1st or 2nd year) 2 X $1,000

Jerome de Costa tragically passed away shortly before he was due to start studying at SCA. In his memory, the de Costa family have created a scholarship to support undergraduate students. In 2011, the amount offered was increased to $1,000 for each award as the result of a gift from the estate of Jerome’s grandmother, Mrs Dorothy Downes.

Zelda Stedman awards

The Zelda Stedman bequest has made a significant difference to a number of students since its establishment in 1997. In her will, Ms Stedman clearly stated that it was her intention to provide financial support to students who have demonstrated talent and ability and who require financial assistance ton continue with their studies.

Zelda Stedman Young Artist (BVA students in 2nd or 3rd year) 2 X $6,000

“Young Artist” is defined as artists whose practice is emerging rather than established (and hence is available to students who have not completed an undergraduate degree in visual arts).

Zelda Stedman Young Student (BVA Hons or MFA students) 2 X $6,000

“Young student” is defined at a student enrolled in either Honours or Master of Fine Arts

Sir William Dobell Art Foundation (BVA students in 2nd or 3rd year) up to $2,500 may be available (not yet confirmed) to be awarded by the Subcommittee.

Per his wishes, the estate of Sir William Dobell was used to create an art foundation that provides funding for a number of awards, scholarships and prizes. The Sir William Dobell Art Foundation has provided an annual award for SCA students since at least 1982 – long before Sydney College of the Arts existed in its current form.

Fauvette Memorial Artists’ Exchange (BVA, Hons, MFA or PhD students who are nominated by SCA Subcommittee, accepted by a partner institution & go on exchange) 5 X $5,000

The scholarship celebrates a bequest of the late Renee Fauvette Erdos in memory of her mother Fauvette Loureiro, the eldest daughter of artist Arthur Loureiro. Funds from the estate have been allocated to the University of Sydney to make possible scholarships for SCA students to go on exchange. All SCA applicants for exchange are automatically considered for this scholarship through their application for the exchange program.