Future students

Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), for those who don’t already know us, is the University of Sydney's school of contemporary art. SCA occupies the historic grounds and buildings of Callan Park in the buzzing, inner-city suburb of Rozelle.

Today, our beautiful 19th Century buildings have been transformed into art studios, exhibition spaces, technical workshops and lecture halls, and the SCA site is a vibrant, energetic hub for the study and creation of contemporary visual art. For nearly 40 years now, SCA has been the major New South Wales training ground for leading contemporary artists, researchers and curators.

SCA is an interconnected community of students, staff and graduates. We are all nourished by each other’s creativity and we engage with the wider world by inviting others to share in our preoccupations and discoveries. We curate exhibitions which reach out to the public, offering everyone the chance to experience and enjoy contemporary art and giving our students an opportunity to experience the hands-on reality of what it takes to stage an exhibition. In our collaborations with leading artists and other art institutions, we have embedded ourselves in the very fabric of Australian art.

SCA has educated many of Australia’s foremost contemporary artists and curators. Our reputation for excellence is built on a bedrock of consistent achievement by students and graduates. Not content to rest on our past successes, however, we continue to lead change and to innovate in our drive to prepare students for future success.

We pride ourselves on our intellectual vibrancy and our creative responses to the major issues driving contemporary society. We are flexible in our understanding of art and we are innovative in our approaches to creativity.

We draw and build on the University of Sydney’s heritage of academic rigour and research intensity, enabling us to provide an enriched learning experience for our undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.

We are international in outlook and we evolve to meet the demands of a constantly changing world.

Above all, we are contemporary. We are of today and lead into tomorrow. We make and explore art that is relevant to the society we live in, and we are enabled to do so by our solid foundations in technical and theoretical knowledge and understanding.

A student-centred environment is the most important factor in achieving this. The work illustrated here on our website speaks for itself. I invite you to browse through the website and acquaint yourself with the detail and variety of the courses we offer. Please contact us for more information, or come and visit, and we will be more than happy to show you who we are, what we do, and what you could be part of.

Professor Colin Rhodes
Dean and Director, Sydney College of the Arts