Master of Fine Art

Lucas Davidson, Master of Fine Arts
SCA Postgraduate Degree Show installation view, 2012
Image courtesy of the artist

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) is designed for visual artists who wish to develop their art practice within the structure of a research culture. These artists understand and articulate their concerns in relation to the history of art and wider social and cultural milieus, all within the broad context of contemporary art.

The MFA program at Sydney College of the Arts provides the opportunity to participate in a dynamic and diverse community, and supports artists in expanding their field of research to its full potential.

Candidates develop a level of proficiency, self-direction and focus through the investigation of a proposed area of research, and are encouraged to produce work that is both original and innovative. The MFA is a two-year full-time program.

Four 6 week seminar programs enhance research processes and build skills including:

  • Introduction to research methodologies for visual arts research
  • Exhibition practices, concepts and design
  • Critical analysis in studios

The supervisory relationship is a crucial element in the progress of an MFA candidate and their project. Supervisors at SCA provide personalised and dedicated attention to the development of research outcomes each graduate student pursues.

Studio spaces are an important component of the SCA experience and are provided according to the particular requirements of the project.

Professional development is provided through exhibition opportunities in the Graduate School Gallery, and further research opportunities are offered through weekly Graduate School Forums and a range of conferences and symposia. Interaction within this research community nurtures confidence and skills in presentation, and enhances the development of collegial and professional relationships