Student profiles

Jonny Niesche

Jonny Niesche

Image: Jonny Niesche, Vegas Can Be, installation view, Minerva Gallery,Sydney, 2014. Photo: Jessica Maurer

Through SCA’s international exchange program, I went to Vienna’s Academy of Fine arts to study with Heimo Zobernig. After finishing my degree I was the lucky recipient of the Fauvette Loureiro Travelleing Scholarship which took me back to Vienna for 7 months to develop the relationships I had begun as an undergraduate.

Amy Louise Vinh

Any Vinh

Amy Louise Vinh. Photo: Rochelle Whatman

I’ve had so much fun being able to try out some really interesting electives based in other studios on campus. It’s allowed me to incorporate all the knowledge I’ve learnt throughout the year into my practice and it’s really noticeable how much I’ve developed, strengthened and resolved my works.

Cleo Gardiner

Image: Cleo Gardiner, Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), Printmedia, XX-Class/if/y, 2014, Felt insta

Image: Cleo Gardiner, Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), Printmedia, XX-Class/if/y, 2014, Felt installation. Photo: Rochelle Whatman

Throughout my study at SCA I have established connections with artists and theorists who will sustain me, my art and academic career. I have formed a collective with two other SCA artists and alumni. This collaboration has forged new art pathways and has broadened my practice with already established artists who equally mentor and inspire me.

XX-Class/if/y is a concrete poem of my writing and that of the writers and icons who influenced and continue to influence, challenge, and re-affirm parts of my identity. It is two pieces of felt, each piece is three meters long and over a meter across, with text cut into the material, which when hung and lit means that the text forms as light on the wall behind it. It is an extension of my earlier work Salvation, where rather than presenting the icons as portraits, I have woven their influences into a text that highlights the emergence of my identity. It shows how the process of assemblage, or the piecing together of an identity can occur through combining elements presented in the icons/celebrities we are attracted to. This becomes a process where a myriad of distinctly new contexts for identity can be established. The kind of identity enacted here is one that is located in the middle of social relations, one that Deleuze and Guattari discuss as being a rhizome that has no beginning or end: it is always in the middle, between things. This notion resonates strongly with my understanding of the production of identity as emerging from in-between multiple states and classes, and it is something that my work aims to register and generate.