Glass Studio

Glass Studio

The Glass Studio has 20 kilns designed for various applications. Three of the large casting kilns and two of the fusing and slumping kilns are equipped with digital multipoint annealing computers.

The Glass Studio has access to CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software. This will enable you to model complex forms and design, as well as create tool paths for CNC machines.

The hot shop studio consists of a 200kg furnace, three glory holes, a garage, two large capacity annealers and a full knock-off bench coupled with a multitude of hand torches. It comes furnihsed with a full gamut of glass-working tools and utensils.

With 20 kilns catering for various applications, you will have the opportunity to explore numerous kilnworking methods. There are three large casting kilns, offering the scope to explore application which employ the latest multipoint annealing technology.

Excellent cold-working facilities include a large lathe and a mini lathe, three diamond saws, a ring saw, two linishers, two core drills, two engraving stations, polishing wheels and two flat bed grinders, one with diamond pads. Complete with an equipped pneumatic grinding station, the cold-working facilities cater for all manner of glass polishing and finishing.

The mould making room is outfitted with two steaming stations, hotplate and a flexible extraction unit, enabling you to explore a broad range of mould materials and processes.