Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours)

The Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) is designed to provide high-achieving students with the opportunity to develop a substantial research project over the course of one year of additional undergraduate study. Honours can be undertaken in two modes: by Studio Practice and Research Paper or by Dissertation. In both options, the focus of the program is on further developing skills and understanding of your practice through intensive work on an individual project.

During Honours you will have the opportunity to establish an ongoing one-on-one relationship with an academic supervisor, who has experience in your area of research or any allied area. Our academic staff are practicing artists with specialist skills and leaders in their areas of practice. In regular meetings your supervisor will offer you feedback, suggest directions for your work and support you in the development of your major project.

The Honours program includes coursework components designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of contemporary art and to introduce you to higher level research skills. The work produced by Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) students at SCA is also strongly featured in the annual SCA Undergraduate Degree Show.

How to apply

To qualify for admission to the Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) you must complete the requirements of the Bachelor of Visual Arts or equivalent degree from a recognised institution with a weighted average mark (WAM) across intermediate and senior units of at least 65:

WAM= sum(marks x credit point value)/sum(credit point value)

You are also required to submit a portfolio* of your recent artwork and a research proposal.

* If you are completing the Bachelor of Visual Arts at SCA in 2015, you don't need to submit a portfolio with your application.

Applications for 2016 are due by 31 January 2016. Candidature in the Honours year cannot be suspended nor deferred.

Portfolio guidelines

Your portfolio should reflect your recent art practice and demonstrate the level of proficiency expected of an Honours applicant. Please submit up to 10 examples of your work to date. Your portfolio can include:

  • digital photographs of your work (.jpg or .pdf)
  • page layouts, illustration, digital photography (.jpg or .pdf)
  • excerpts of film, animation or digital video work (.mov)
  • show reel or excerpts of film or digital video work (.mov)
  • website or other dedicated site such as a Vimeo channel (please provide the site address in a Word or PDF document)

The maximum file size for each document or compressed file upload is 5MB.

Research Proposal guidelines

The research proposal is an outline of your proposed area of research, and should give a clear indication of your project. It should:

  • demonstrate your capacity to develop your project over the period of study (approximately 9 months);
  • demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between your studio practice (including, theories, materials and processes) and the theoretic contexts (historical, cultural and contemporary) relevant to your practice;
  • serve as a constructive guideline throughout your honours year.

For more information about Honours research proposal please refer to Honours Research Proposal Guidelines.