SCA Galleries

The SCA Galleries are located in the heart of the Sydney College of the Arts Campus. The galleries present an annual program of exhibitions and events featuring work by Australian and international contemporary visual artists.

The SCA Galleries consist of three gallery spaces; the SCA Gallery, Research Gallery and Graduate School Gallery. A program of public lectures, artist talks, seminars and an artist-in-residence program supports both the SCA Galleries and academic programs.

In addition to the SCA Galleries, Sydney College of the Arts is also home to the Callan Park Gallery for Self-Taught and Outsider Art and the DedSpace Gallery.

OPENING HOURS   Monday to Friday, 11am to 5pm
LOCATION   Sydney Colllege of the Arts
  The University of Sydney
  Balmain Road Rozelle
  (enter opposite Cecily Street)

  Link to SCA Campus Location

  SCA Galleries
  Sydney College of the Arts
  The University of Sydney
  Locked Bag 15
  Rozelle NSW 2039
PHONE   +61 2 9351 1008

The SCA Galleries are wheelchair accessible.