Proposal Guidelines

The SCA Galleries comprise of the SCA Gallery, Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.

SCA Gallery

All enquiries regarding the SCA Gallery should be directed to the SCA .

Gallery 1

Gallery 1 is a dedicated postgraduate gallery and all currently enrolled postgraduate coursework and research candidates at SCA are eligible to submit a proposal for solo or group exhibitions.

Gallery 2

Gallery 2 will focus on curatorial projects managed by the SCA Research Committee. The program will include work from our visiting research fellows along with experimental and research-based exhibitions.

Applicants to the Research Residency program are invited to submit an exhibition proposal for Gallery 2. All proposals are assessed by the SCA Research Committee and should be directed to:

Sydney College of the Arts
The Visual Arts Faculty of the University of Sydney
Locked Bag 15
Rozelle NSW 2039

Proposals for exhibitions in Gallery 2 should include
A clear written description of the exhibition or project, no more than two typed A4 pages. This will include an outline of the conceptual/theoretical framework or curatorial rationale, a description of the relationship between the ideas and artworks, and the reasons for wanting to exhibit in Gallery 2;

A brief outline of the installation requirements, space requirements and proposed exhibition dates;

Good quality visual material, preferably digital (approx 1mb), maximum of 10 images. Images must be clearly marked with name of artist, designer, title of work, date, medium and dimensions. Please do not send originals;

A selected, current Curriculum Vitae no more than two (2) typed A4 pages. In the case of group exhibitions abridged CV’s for each artist of no more than one (1) typed page each.

Priority is given to proposals that
Explore key issues of relevance to contemporary art practice, design and new technologies;

Reflect recent developments and achievements in research and artistic/cultural production within the University;

Contribute to the academic programs at SCA through associated events such as lectures, workshops etc;

Provide opportunities for collaborations with external events and cultural organisations;

Provide opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaborations with other University of Sydney faculties/departments;

Promote international cultural exchange;

Are innovative, experimental and reflect issues of current educational, social or cultural significance.


SCA Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 are wheelchair accessible. The SCA Galleries support NSW Public Sector Equal Opportunity, Equity and Diversity standards of practice.