Who Do We Think You Are?

Who Do We Think You Are?

Dates: 5 - 28 October

Opening: Tuesday 4 October, 6pm

Artist: Curated by Geoff Weary and Salvatore Panatteri

An Electronic and Temporal Arts studio (ETA) Retrospective 1995 - 2004

Studying at Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) can mean a lot of different things. Students paint, draw, sculpt, perform, take photographs and also make film, sound and video art works.

At SCA students have always been encouraged to explore and experiment in their chosen art forms. Often these experiments spill over into other disciplines, creating hybrid art works that are technologically and aesthetically challenging creations that express new and innovative ways of expressing visual ideas.

Since the establishment of the Electronic and Temporal Arts studio at Sydney College of the Arts in 1993, hundreds of students have studied video, film and sound and new media as their areas of specialisation. Who Do We Think You Are? showcases a comprehensive selection of electronic and time based artworks from the past decade. More so this exhibition offers insight into this relatively new artistic modality; technological advancements, interdisciplinary art and the contextualisation of these various media practices within an art school environment.

(i>Who Do We Think You Are? , an Electronic and Temporal Arts (ETA) Retrospective at SCA, is an exhibition that brings the achievements of past students to the attention of the artistic, academic and student communities and gives SCA alumni the chance to meet and review their achievements in contemporary digital film and video art practice.