Dates: 4 May – 3 June

Opening: Tuesday 3 May, 6pm


Professor Anne Rochette and 5 students from her Atelier at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux- Arts in Paris arrive at SCA in April for a one month stay.

This begins a year long collaborative research project with Associate Professor Tom Arthur and 5 postgraduate research students from SCA's Sculpture Performance and Installation studio who will in turn, travel to Paris in early 2006. The project, Antipodes, will examine various relationships between art, it's institutions and their relationship to specific regional and global histories, geography and politics. Integral to the project is the conceptualising of both the physical and cultural spaces associated with the term Antipodes. What does this word mean today? This word, which for over two hundred years was paramount in the imagination of explorers and travellers and synonymous with the often "unreal" manifestations related by those whose accounts were to become recorded as being the objective experiences linking Australia to France. The group will work collaboratively as a seminar and studio based "research cell" to produce joint exhibitions with linked printed and web-based publications in both Australia and France. Antipodes has received generous support from the University of Sydney's International Development Fund, The French Embassy in Australia, the Australian French Association in Paris and from ENSBA and SCA.