On the other side of the door: Jaki Middleton

Jaki Middleton, Left: You cannot show weakness in this world, Right: Jaki Middleton & David Lawrey, Boy have we got a vacation for you!

On the other side of the door: Jaki Middleton

Dates: 17 – 25 February

Opening: Wednesday 16 February

Artist: Jaki Middleton

A month of postgraduate examination exhibitions at SCA.

Jaki Middleton’s recent work uses simple optical devices such as lenses and the camera obscura to address perceptual ambiguities and suggest the possibilities and potential of other realities. Her work in the SCA graduate exhibition involves a pair of ‘portal’ installations in which constructed objects, light, space, and visitors themselves become elements that contribute to the exhibition. Site-specific kinetic installations, the works physically engage the interaction of the visitor, forcing the audience to relinquish a certain level of control in order to experience the work.