The Planets: Tom Loveday

Tom Loveday, Left: Venus, Middle: Uranus, Right: The Sun, oil on canvas

The Planets: Tom Loveday

Dates: 17 – 25 February

Opening: Wednesday 16 February

Artist: Tom Loveday

A month of postgraduate examination exhibitions at SCA.

The Planets is a series of nine canvases of approximately 2.1 metres wide by 1.85 metres high painted in oil. The paintings are hard-edged “abstraction” using colours that reflect those of the visible planets. The primary compositional form is an indeterminate „sphere‰ with secondary compositional forms given depth through colour. Colour is used both in flat relationships between hard-edged shapes as well as graded colour within those shapes. The point of creating definite colour relationships with indeterminate primary forms is to emphasise the effect of coloured pictorial space as a „planet‰. The term planet is not meant solely to mean representations of planets, but also to mean that the painted object itself is a planet or „wanderer‰. This blended double meaning reveals the constructive, as well as the reductive, aspects of abstract painting.

I am however, concerned not to reduce this further as I feel that it would misrepresent the work. The quotation marks for "abstraction", "sphere", "planet" (lower case "p") and "wanderer" are deliberate and must remain. These terms are some of those that come under critique in the thesis. The first three are replaced with better terms and the third is part of a much larger explanation.