Utility In Touch

Kristy Toepfer, Untitled series 1 & 3, glass

Utility In Touch

Dates: 20 July - 19 August 2005

Opening: Tuesday 19 July, 6pm

Artist: Curated by Mark Edgoose

Utility In Touch plays with the notion of Utility with innovation, wit and elegance.

The exhibition 'Utility' has run as an annual SCA exhibition since 1997, with a different theme each year. This year Utility In Touch was created to foster contact between alumni and current students.

What is the utilitarian (functional??) nature of utility? Utility In Touch provokes thought about the nature of objects. All of the students exhibiting have produced objects that stretch the idea of utility with degrees of fantasy, innovation, wit and elegance using a vast array of materials and processes. but there is also a more serious side, underlying each of these objects are some very thoughtful and carefully considered statements about the nature of utility and how we see and live with objects.

This year Utility in Touch will run concurrently with the Sydney Design Week exhibitions and activities.

Artists include Zara Collins, Takeaki Totsuka, Chloe Edwards, Simone Walsh, Megan Herring, Vivien Pollnow, Cath Bowdler, Kim Goldsmith, Junko Asabe, Karen Jakobsson, Loren Keir, Myllyn Nguyen, Wayne Pearson, Kristy Toepfer, Kate Hargraves, Jenny Orchard, and Brooke Wilson.