Until the Last Beat of my Heart

Andrew Burrell, Until the Last Beat of My Heart, computer installation

Until the Last Beat of my Heart

Dates: 30 August - 9 September

Opening: Tuesday 29 August 6-8pm

Artist: Andrew Burrell

A new work by Andrew Burrell on exhibition in the Auditorium Foyer.

I can’t see any way around it. Nothing has ever happened. There have been no events – there never will be any. It is true (and I confess that this complicates matters) that every moment has the moments that lead up to it (perhaps with some anticipation) as it also has those moments that occur as a result of it. But for the life of me I cannot pinpoint any one of these moments ever actually having occurred… Maybe I am missing something.

Until the Last Beat of My Heart is a time critical installation that investigates the minutiae of antecedents and consequences surrounding a single event in time, and their role – out of time – in the construction of an identity.

Andrew Burrell coordinated Aural Degustation: Tasty Bites to Feed the Ears, previously on exhibition also in the Auditorium Foyer, as part of his residency.