Anton Pulvirenti, Here are the Liberators!

Anton Pulvirenti, Here are the Liberators!, 2006 and Meg Roberts, The other hand, I, 2006

Picture This

Dates: 9 June - 8 July

Opening: Thursday 8 June, 6-9pm

Artist: Various Artists

An exhibition of paintings by ANU School of Art Alumni 2000 - 2006, curated by Ruth Waller and Gordon Bull, from the Painting and Art Theory Workshops at the ANU School of Art.

Picture Thi features the recent work of over forty graduates from the Painting Workshop, from the year 2000 to the present. This is an exhibition that celebrates the diversity of painting in the 21st century and coincides with the 30th anniversary of the ANU School of Art.

“What the exhibition shows is that in the current state of the art there is no single way of painting: there is no preferred point of reference in the tradition, or in contemporary experience, that can give direction for a painter today. It shows that there is no style or theme that drives contemporary art…. Nothing, it appears, is beyond the empire of painting. And in the works assembled [in this exhibition] a great range of human experience is essayed: from conflict and war, to landscape and the contemplation of nature; from arcane mysteries to playful, engaging jokes. Some works explore the fundamentals of perception and what painting can tell us about such processes and their relationship to representation. Others deal with history, sometimes through using precise quotations of the history of painting itself, and so inquire into our place here and now in Australia.” (Gordon Bull, Head, Art Theory Workshop, April 2006).

SCA Galleries will be presenting selected works from this exhibition, including work by Justin Andrews, Claudia Chaseling, Graham Eadie, Kirsten Farrell, Waratah Lahy, Sue Lovegrove, Geoff Newton, Noel Skrzypczak, Quentin Sprague, Kate Stevens, and Frank Thirion.

Supported by the ANU National Institute of the Humanities & Creative Arts (NIHCA)