Wang Yi-Hui

Wang Yi-Hui

Utility: Tacit Tactics

Dates: 9 August - 9 September

Opening: Tuesday 8 August, 6-8pm

Artist: Various Artists

An object design exhibition by emerging Australian artists and designers, to coincide with Sydney Design Week 2006 (5–20 August 2006)

Tacit: a. understood, implied, or existing, without being stated (tacit consent, agreement, understanding) Tactics: n. pl. (also treated as sing.) procedure calculated to gain some end, skilful device(s) (The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary)

Utility: Tacit Tactics will showcase work by SCA students from the Object & Design Studio’s, Ceramics, Glass, and Jewellery & Object.

Often when sitting at a workbench, at the potters’ wheel or standing in front of a hot furnace the intellectualised, idealised form of a creation is modified by the material reality of the process. Working becomes a constant negotiation between the brain and the hand, the mind and the body. The work in this exhibition will explore ideas of functionality and how artists’ negotiate within their creative practice instinctual activity in relation to a planned or meditated process.

Ross Longmuir, director of Planet Furniture in Surry Hills made the final selection of work for this exhibition. The artists include Megan Brown, Scott Carson, Sage Fury, Sarah Field, Dee Taylor-Graham, Georgia Gremore, Mylyn Ng Guyn, Jan Howlin, Zoe Johnson, Gina Lim, Tanya Richards, Wade Taranto, Si Yi Iris Shen and Wang Yi-Hui.

SCA acknowledges the support of Azuma restaurant, Finns Art Glass Supplies, NSW Pottery Supplies and Australian Jewellery Suppliers for the ‘best of’ prizes that will be awarded on opening night.

For more information please visit the Sydney Design Week website