Thursday 19 to Friday 20 May, 2011
Auditorium, Sydney College of the Arts
ISBN: 978-1-921558-85-6

Session 1, Contemporary Art Histories

Session Chair: Professor Colin Rhodes

Tim Schultz, Style and stile: contradiction and the Rococo unconscious
Vilma Bader, Fernando Pessoa and the surrealist self
Bridget O’Brien, Creative research, the museum and Arnhem Land
Rowan Conroy, Archaeologies of the present: rephotographing the William John Woodhouse Photographic Archive

Session 2, Moving Image/Digital Culture

Session Chair: Associate Professor John Conomos

Harley Ives, The glitch: foregrounding a materiality in the moving image
Kylee Warren, Saving scorched worlds: considering aesthetic changes in Harry Potter films, and contemporary coming-of-age fantasy cinema
Clarissa Regan, Autoscopic spectres of electronic dazzlement
Helen Goritsas, Screen Mosaics - a community of screen culture: finding our voice in collaboration

Session 3, Body and Contexts

Session Chair: Dr Jacqueline Millner

Barbara Doran, Mini living machine
Gretchen Riordan, Exploding bodies: staging chromatic explosion
Kate Scardifield, The cutting edge: dissective practices in contemporary art
Carolyn McKay, The principle of orality and the posthuman courtroom

Session 4, Spatial Practices

Session Chair: Associate Professor Ann Elias

Marian Macken, The line within architecture: drawing in the book
Biljana Jancic, Stage as prop – choreographing unease
David Watson, swimming home
Jenny Brown, Virtuous allodoxia

Conference papers have been edited for consistency in presentation, and every effort has been made to ensure that the papers are free from errors.