Thursday 13 September 2012
Auditorium, Sydney College of the Arts
ISBN: 978-1-921558-14-6

Session 1, Politics of Embodiment

Session Chair: Dr Karin Findeis

Vilma Bader, Samba Fever and Trauma in Brazilian NeoConcretism
Barbara Doran, EEEMing through time and space
Trevor Fry, Slaves of the Art World
Carolyn McKay, Videos and Inmates: digitising the criminal body
Clarissa Regan, Discarnate Bodies: ghosts, spectres and phantoms of the media

Session 2, Speaking in Tongues: Reconsidering the spiritual in art

Session Chair: Prof. Ross Gibson

Joy Bye, Dreams and the Creation of Metaphor
Robyn Moore, Awake in the Woods: empathic imagining, deep time, and the archaeology of animal life
Celia Morgan, Being Ruin Time: a formless form

Session 3, Colour Blind: Indigenous issues and cultural theory

Session Chair: Dr Danie Mellor

Corinne Brittain, Between a Rock and a Hard Place: the role of contemporary urban Indigenous visual artists in a re-imagined Australia
Hayley French, Challenging dialogue: current relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous art and artists
Markela Panegyres, The Concept of Thumos and its Role in Ancient Greek and Contemporary Modes of Resistance
Maria Posse Emiliani, Hybridisation as Resistance

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