The Graduate School Forum is held weekly during semester and provides an opportunity for our candidates to:

  • Build a sense of community.
  • Share research interests and experience.
  • Demonstrate the breadth of research undertaken within the Graduate School.
  • Establish networks for current and future research.
  • Gain experience in presenting research, for conferences and examination.
  • Engage the wider community in the research process and problem solving.

There are three to four presentation sessions at each Graduate School Forum, grouped together by research interests. Presentations run for around 20 minutes, and are given by PhD candidates in the second and third years of their candidature. Each presenter is asked to reflect on an element of their research to date.

A session chair (also a PhD candidate) briefly introduces presenters, and facilitates a discussion with presenters and audience at the conclusion of the presentations.

The forum audience is expected to engage critically and sympathetically with the material and offer further references and possible areas of investigation and development to each presenter.


All PhD candidates are required to attend the Graduate School Forum once they have completed their first year of candidature. MFA candidates attend the Forum once they have completed the MFA seminar program.

PhD candidates must present a paper on the current state of their research in both the second and third years of their candidature. Candidates in the fourth year of the program and/or who have already presented twice should chair a session instead of presenting.

Session chairs meet with the scheduled presenters in the week prior to the Forum to familiarise themselves with the presenter's background, research area and presentation topic.

Presenters must provide a presentation title and brief abstract to the SCA Postgraduate Manager one week before their scheduled presentation for circulation to the Graduate School community.