The Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS) is a University funding scheme which provides direct support for currently enrolled postgraduate research students.

PRSS funds are awarded to eligible applicants on a competitive basis, and according to guidelines established by the University. Applications are assessed by a panel of Sydney College of the Arts academic staff, and grants may be awarded for expenses relating to conferences, use of specialist facilities, purchase of specialist equipment and software, and exhibition costs.

Am I eligible to apply?

To be eligible for PRSS funding you must be enrolled in the Doctor of Philosophy or the Master of Fine Arts.

Master of Fine Arts candidates are allowed one (1) successful application.

PhD candidates are allowed three (3) successful applications.

You are not eligible to apply for PRSS funding if you have extended your candidature.

When should I apply?

Sydney College of the Arts Graduate School holds its PRSS funding round in semester 1 each year. Applications open in early April, and are due no later than 30 April.

How do I apply?

Your supervisor must support your PRSS application and you must arrange for your supervisor to complete section 7 of the application form before you submit it. If you have requested funding under category (b) your supervisor must write a statement of support for your request which you must submit along with your application.

You must submit two copies of the application to the SCA Student Administration Office by 4.30pm on the last working day in April and late applications will not be accepted.