Debra Dawes

Sydney College of the Arts Graduate School was established in 2007 to provide a coherent identity for the community of postgraduate students. The Graduate School aims to position SCA at the forefront of contemporary art graduate programs, by offering dedicated studios, a range of programs designed and facilitated by researchers who are leaders in their field, and a visiting artists and scholars program to enrich the experience of those in the community.

This idea of community is crucial to the Graduate School at SCA.

There is the worldwide community of scholars to whom we look, those individuals who keep their scope global and produce work of world standard, addressing issues relevant to artists and writers everywhere.

And closer to home, there is the smaller community of the Graduate School itself, hosted by Sydney College of the Arts and the University of Sydney. These local communities offer moral and intellectual support, and comprise a fertile, encouraging environment where we can test and share ideas, where we can become bolder and stronger.

In 2011, the SCA Graduate School hosted the inaugural Graduate School Conference and Exhibition, entitled Critical Thinking: Research + Art + Culture. The Exhibition and Conference were formed to encourage this community, to help it know itself, to help fashion the languages it needs for testing and strengthening itself and offering its knowledge to the wider world.

The Graduate School Gallery, run by the Graduate School Gallery Committee, also established in 2011, aims to do the same.

As Director of the SCA Graduate School, I hope you will participate and engage in these exciting initiatives, expand your knowledge and work, and be a dynamic, creative participant both here and and in wider communities.

- Dr Debra Dawes