SCA Images Online

Image by Laelia Douglas-Brown
Image by Jonathan James

(left to right): Untitled by Laelia Douglas-Brown, 2008; The Standard Model by Jonathan James, 2008.

Learning & teaching collection

Students and staff can access thousands of digital images for learning and teaching using SCA's new online image database, MDID.

SCA has around 4,500 images in MDID, with content from Theoretical Enquiry, Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery & Object, Painting, Sculpture, Performance & Installation, and Printmedia. More images are coming online each week, with a focus on Photomedia and Film & Digital Arts during 2009.

MDID is accessible to all SCA students and staff. Staff can use MDID to create web-based slide shows for lectures, and to upload and manage images from their private research collections. Students can search MDID for images, review slide shows from lectures online, and download print-views of images for assignments and research.

In addition to the SCA collection in MDID, students and staff have access to over 15,000 shared images from the Art History & Films Studies Department, and approximately 170 images from the slide collection of Craft Australia.

Accessing the collection

Login and password information is sent to students' University email accounts at the beginning of each semester. Staff and research students can email to request an individual account.

Due to copyright restrictions, the learning and teaching collection in MDID is only available to University of Sydney students and staff.


Call x11029 to book into an introductory session, either one-on-one or in a group. User guides for students and staff are available from


Contact hours are Tuesday-Friday, 9:30am to 4:30pm, or at other times by appointment.


We are located upstairs in Building 11 (down the corridor from Theoretical Enquiry and next to the Masters studios).

About the SCA Images Online project

Project aims

The aim of the SCA Images Online Project is to create a database of digital images for learning, teaching and research at SCA that is:

  • accessible via the Web
  • contains content that is relevant to SCA
  • includes images from the SCA slide collections
  • includes images of the research work of SCA graduates and staff.

Project background

Sydney College of the Arts is home to over 200,000 slides, held in various collections through the college. The slide collections are unique in their focus on contemporary International and Australian art and include original images of staff and student work, exhibitions and events.

In 2006, SCA was granted funds for a small digitization project to begin the task of preserving these valuable assets. With the success of a large TIES grant in 2007, the project developed into a collaborative partnership with the Power Visual Resources Library and the University Library. As a result of this project, SCA now has a new online database, giving students and staff unprecedented access to images from the collections. A second successful TIES grant in 2008 has guaranteed a further two years of funding for this important project.

Project partners

The Power Visual Resources Library, in the Department of Art History & Film Studies, is a collaborative partner in the SCA Images Online project. Students and staff from SCA and AHFS share around 20,000 images in the combined digital collections as a result of this project.

The University of Sydney Library is a partner in the SCA Images Online project. Together we are developing the SCA Archive, a unique collection of research works by SCA graduates and staff.

Jacqui Spedding
Project Manager
SCA Images Online
Sydney College of the Arts,
University of Sydney.
Phone: +61 2 9351 1029