Creative Catalysts

Stefan Popescu

Creative Sydney has named SCA Graduate and Lecturer, Stefan Popescu, as one of the 100 inspirational and innovative Sydneysiders who have made a unique contribution to the city's creative culture. The Creative Catalyst list aims to honor the people who make interesting things happen in Sydney. Popescu was named for exposing the grimy edge of Sydney filmmaking, as one of the Director's of the Sydney Underground Film Festival.

Cultural commentator Marcus Westbury was the instigator of the Creative Catalyst project, “The Creative Catalysts list shows that Sydney is a city full of amazing stories of inspiring creativity. It’s not about Sydney's most influential people or the people with the best arts jobs or the people in the biggest institutions. It's about people who have taken the initiative to make a creative Sydney. Some of them are well known and obvious, others have simply inspired others in their field or changed the way Sydney does things or sees itself. By highlighting their stories we celebrate their creativity and hope to inspire others to see their city as a place they too can shape and change”

The Creative Catalysts for 2009 were selected from a list of over 700 people, suggested by a range of industry advisors, creative leaders and people who have expertise in various fields, as well as a call out through social media outlets. Creative Sydney will hold a series of free, public events that celebrate the wealth and diversity of Sydney’s creative talent. Popescu will be involved in the discussion Notes From The Underground: Art From The Edge at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, on Friday 5 June.

Image: Stefan Popescu