February 2009
Stuart Bailey

SCA Senior Lecturer, Justin Trendall and Lecturer, Stuart Bailey will have work on display in the exhibition Cryptophilistinism, curated by Amita Kirpalani, at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces. Cryptophilistinism is an investigation of how we employ a vacuous brashness in an attempt to decipher the barrage of images and information that surround us. With reference to popular culture, pseudo-academicism and the privileging of the referent, Kirpalani teases out our profound ability to say nothing really loudly and to a chorus of acclaim.

Featuring the work of five Australian artists, this exhibition features new work in a range of media. Bailey employs collage and montage as a method in his work. Working from collages he roughly edits connections and focuses on the process behind mapped ideas. Combining references to militarism and Nudists in order to highlight elements of control and overconfidence in ideals, his work responds to the recent financial crisis. Pointing to the apathetic optimism of our ‘everything will be okay’ attitude as we face the collapse of the predominant Neo-Liberal gestalt. Mapping connections between superficially antithetical ideas, Trendall’s work for Cryptophilistinism takes the form of screen-printed connections between what could be construed as impossible. These intricately detailed prints draw subjective connections establishing a kind of mind-map that is displayed casually slumped on the gallery wall, banner-like.

Cryptophilistinism will be on display at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces until 28 February.

Image: Stuart Bailey, Low Level Week (installation detail), 2007, mixed media.