From the Darkness

Wind Farm

From the Darkness features the work of SCA PhD candidate Jennifer Norman and SCA Graduates Andrew Finlayson and Lynn Smith. Opening on Wednesday 15 April at the Meyer Gallery, the exhibition showcases the unique approach that these documentary photographers have to the world by night.

Each photographer sees their world in colour. However the colour is almost of another world, influenced by the reciprocity effects of long time exposures. Many of the images are large, adding an almost bizarre grandeur of scale.


Norman’s exposures of mainly rural scenes at night are at first glance idyllic, but there is also something disturbing about these images. It’s the hand of man, unsympathetic, disrupting and degrading the landscape in some seemingly small way.

Finlayson understands the urge of Sydneysiders to stand on the shore and gaze at the ocean. But his seascapes are not conventional. By shooting at night Finlayson has transformed the everyday into magical vistas of light, darkness and reflections.

Smith’s work focuses on manmade structures ravaged by decay. With the only light coming from nearby street lamps these interiors are Lost Kingdoms of detritus and graffiti, with the exteriors ghostly reminders of the past. Smith is currently attending the Sony Worldwide Photography Awards festival in Cannes, France: his prize for being co-winner of the Australian section of the competition (student division). Smith’s winning image is amongst those on show at the Meyer Gallery.

Gallery of the Dispossessed

From the Darkness will open on Wednesday 15 April, 6 to 8pm at the Meyer Gallery. The exhibition will continue to Sunday 3 May, 2009.

Images: (top to bottom) Jennifer Norman, Wind Farm; Andrew Finlayson, Finlayson #1; Lynn Smith, Gallery of the Dispossessed.