Memory Time and Memory Space

Fiona Kemp

An exhibition by PhD candidate, Fiona Kemp, will be on display in the SCA Galleries from Thursday 23 to Thursday 30 July. The exhibition brings together a body of work that explores Kemp’s ongoing interest in memory time and memory space.

Gallery 1: Sites of memory includes images of aerial maps and 45-year-old photographs of outback Queensland. This series is a play on the notion of geometric verses lived space. In addition, the work addresses ideas of inherited memory as well as collaboration across generations of image making. The video Encoding Storage Retrieval incorporates templates widely used by children in the 60’s for geography classes. Content-based psychology refers to the memory constructs of encoding, storage and retrieval. These terms suggest that memory is material and fixed. This artwork speaks to the memory of becoming rather than to the memory of containment.

Gallery 2: Objects of Memory. Objects, like images, live through events. Objects have the potential to cue emotion in us and as such they can hold onto or unlock memory. The video Memory of Delusions of Grandeur films a child’s chair. Five hours of filming is compressed into five minutes. The chair is apparently stationary. Gradually however the shadow of the chair outgrows the chair itself. The artwork Memory Traces, addresses the ever-changing nature of memory. A childhood coat hanger becomes the template for a figure and ground and for the remembered and the forgotten.

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Images: Fiona Kemp, images from Memory Time and Memory Space. Laser jet prints on archival paper, 150cm x100cm.