Mental Health

Reuben Shipp

SCA Bachelor of Visual Arts candidate, Reuben Shipp will have his works Nemesis and Black Dog on display in the exhibition Mental Health at the Vanishing Point during November.

Mental Health is a visual dialogue - with 20 artists - which explores the many perspectives, experiences and realities of living with mental health issues. Mental Health attempts to show without speaking, this multiplicity of perspectives, this fragmentation of collective experience, in an attempt to invoke its discontinuous nature and to suggest it as a platform for understanding rather than as an obstacle.

"Nemesis and Black Dog are references to states of mind. The black dog is synonymous with Churchill, and his nagging doubt. I identify with animals to the extent where the very assumption of their role or identity demands reply. The sculpture plays advocate and guardian, a report to ones enemies, a spiraling vision of futility or freedom", Reuben Shipp.

Mental Health will be on display until 29 November at the Vanishing Point.

Image: Reuben Shipp, Black Dog, 2009.