What a Piece of Work

Vilma Bader

Master of Visual Arts Candidate, Vilma Bader's exhibition What a Piece of Work will be on display at Peloton from 10 September to 3 October 2009. The title of the exhibition is borrowed from a collection of poems by Australian poet Dorothy Porter. The work uses the format of medicine packages to fabricate modern sculptures while deleting the written informationand retaining the design. The installation of small and life size sculptures, which function as readymade plinthlike constructions, is a subtle flip side to Constructivist art in its reclaiming of the capitalist design to its formalist origins.

Bader is currently in the final year of her MVA at SCA. The methodology of her practice consists of personal and universal issues framed by linguistics and semiotics. In recent years installation incorporating painting and sculpture has become a strong component in her work. Bader has exhibited in a number of solo shows and group shows and has been a finalist in several important prizes and awards such as the Sulman 2008 and the Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship 2008.

Image: Vilma Bader, artist in studio, 2009.